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I’m the director of Product Dev and i’m pretty excited about the magic that we create.

Whilst we love a pretty picture, we’re more focused on what success means to you; that means, we focus on the end product and work backwards from there…. And that makes it a win for everyone…

Our process is about how you are going to make it work, how it is manufacturable, and how repeatable the assembly process is.

Product Dev can put the required documentation chain in place so that you can take your product from concept and manufacture it anywhere and get a repeatable reliable product result.

Product Dev is a one stop shop for your product design needs.



Justin is an accomplished product design consultant with over 20 years experience both nationally and international. He is a professionally qualified Mechanical Engineer (NZCE)Mech.

His considerable design and development experience covers a large range of successful products, some of which are sold in volumes of millions per year. These include high end audio headphones, mobile handheld positioning systems, e-ink bus timetables, PV micro inverters, luxury yacht electrical accessories, electrical accessories, telecommunications, custom connectors and contacts, lighting, elevator equipment, electronic motor controls, wheel chair remotes, automated payment terminals, heating and air-conditioning products, bathroom accessories, furniture, environmental enclosures, security, test equipment, DIY tools, medical products, and vibration proof mounting systems.

This diverse product design and manufacturing knowledge allows him to identify solutions for customers quickly reducing time to market.

A collaborative approach is a core philosophy for Justin and he believes the real breakthroughs in products are created through good cross functional collaboration and good product leadership.

In his spare time Justin enjoys mountain biking, sailing and making things in his man cave.

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